Help coverage for December 5-9

Dear Sprout families,

As some of you are aware I broke my ankle last week. Since I always strive to do my best I completely separated the bottom of my fibula from my ankle and will be getting some fancy stainless steel hardware this afternoon. 

Since I will be having surgery this afternoon I will not be a good source of help through the weekend. As soon as Lilay and my husband give my judgment the thumbs up I will be available by OhMD texts, emails and voicemail as usual. Until then, Lilay will direct any urgent OhMD messages to Dr. Knudsen or me until we are back to practice as usual. She is also on top of my schedule and I hope to be back at work, if a little slow, on Monday 12/10.

Until Monday, if you feel your child needs to be seen please use an urgent care clinic, or the emergency room if appropriate. 

Go directly to the nearest Emergency Room for serious or life threatening problems such as:

•   Severe burns, deep cuts, animal bites, or bleeding that won’t stop

•   Sudden or severe difficulty breathing, abdominal pain or vomiting blood

•   Sudden weakness, numbness or loss of coordination or balance

•   New, sudden, severe headaches, blurred vision or seizures

•   Significant head injuries/concussions or broken bones

•    Any other condition you believe is life threatening

If the problem appears life threatening, don’t drive. Dial 911 for an ambulance instead. I recommend the Salem Health Emergency Department, and can underscore my recommendation based on my recent personal experience. 

If the problem can’t wait until Friday but doesn’t require the emergency room, please use an urgent care clinic. Problems such as cuts possibly needing closure, possible fractures or sprains, persistent or severe ear pain, fevers, sore throats, rashes or coughs are appropriate problems for urgent care clinics. I advise using the following clinics due to the level of training, experience with children and supervision of their providers. I do not recommend any other urgent or convenient care clinics in Salem for children.

Salem Health Convenient Care: Weekdays 10am-10pm, weekends 10am-8pm (appointments required, no babies under 3 months

1002 Bellevue St SE, Salem, OR 97301              503-814-5554        Schedule 

Salem Clinic Urgent Care: No appointment required, Mon - Fri: 10am – 7pm, Sat & Sun: 10am - 5pm

South:   2531 Boone Road SE, Salem, OR 97306               (SE of Kuebler/Battle Creek Intersection)           (503) 485-8600                                    

Salem Clinic Main:  2020 Capitol St NE, Salem, Oregon 97301      (Near intersections of Capitol, Fairgrounds and Sunnyview)           (503) 364-9888

Urgent Care @ Inland Shores:  5900 Inland Shores Way NE, Keizer, Oregon 97303 (NW of River Road/Lockhaven Intersection)     (503) 589-6255

If you feel the problem can’t wait until the next day but can be handled by an urgent care when none are open, the emergency room can be appropriate. If you aren’t sure whether it can wait, please message us in OhMD and Lilay will relay the information to me or to Dr. Lara Knudsen (HappyDoc Family Medicine) who is covering for me. She can help you decide the best course of action.  

If you can’t wait a few hours for an answer, that’s a good indicator that the problem requires an urgent care or the emergency room.

Please feel free to email or use OhMD to send messages to Lilay with any questions. Thanks for supporting my different, tiny clinic! 

Dr. K