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What we do

At Sprout Pediatrics, being small helps us make your children's healthcare more personal, consistent and efficient. A small, quiet office that is warm and full of discoveries helps kids of all ages feel safe and comfortable. 

Whether it's a quick look at that hurting ear or a more complicated problem, our appointments are long enough to meet your needs and are readily available. When you can fill out forms, share your concerns and know about shots & tests ahead of time, visits are more relaxed, leaving time to be more thoughtful, creative and thorough. 

Sprout uses technology to stay small, by making it easy for you to get what you need. You can send us secure text messages, control updates and reminders, access records and resources, and even schedule appointments yourself at any time. Really. Even at 2am.

Electronic communication is only one of many ways we try to be good caretakers of our kids' planet. We minimize our trash and keep everyone comfortable and safe with washable, reusable and environmentally friendly materials and equipment whenever possible. Everything from our office to our toys was chosen with health & safety in mind. 

Healthcare is changing, sometimes at the cost of relationships and individuality. We all need advocates to help navigate the enormous complexity of the healthcare world. To prevent & solve problems with as little unnecessary intervention as possible requires evidence, experience, connection, continuity, time & availability.

As an independent, experienced pediatrician, teacher and parent, I understand parenting is joyful AND hard, and every family is unique. My goal is to help you meet your goals. Using a holistic approach to disease & injury prevention we can start kids off with a full toolbox for preventing and addressing the health, educational and emotional challenges ahead. 

Helping families learn what they need to support their kids and take care of themselves is Sprout Pediatrics' mission.


Why Sprout Pediatrics?

The usual story: 

It was a lovely Sunday and you actually got the kids in bed at a reasonable hour. You've just fallen asleep when one comes in to tell you his tummy doesn't feel so good ...

The sprout story: 

It was a lovely Sunday and you actually got the kids in bed at a reasonable hour. You've just fallen asleep when one comes in to tell you his tummy doesn't feel so good ...

Keep reading to see the differences

These are stories are imaginary.

Your kids are fine and you still love your doctor at the end of both. No one could argue that one doctor or system could always make kids better faster, but information is power. We can't control every illness and outcome, but being able to reach help when you need it is important. Providing advice and being available are some of the most important things pediatricians do to help children stay healthy and thrive, and all of us try to be as available as possible. The only difference is how. With more providers a clinic can expand hours, afford more staff and have more appointments available every day, supporting a large number of patients. This works well for many families, but is frustrating for some. At Sprout Pediatrics we've chosen to meet the needs of our patients a different way: by being smaller.

Who we are

Dorin Kemmerle, MD FAAP

Dorin Kemmerle, MD FAAP

Dorin Kemmerle, MD

Board Certified Pediatrician, Mom

I have practiced pediatrics in Salem, Oregon since 2000. I moved to the Pacific Northwest to join Childhood Health Associates of Salem after completing my residency training at Phoenix Children's Hospital in Arizona. 

It was a privilege to work with the providers and staff at Childhood Health and take care of hundreds of amazing and diverse families for many years. 

In 2016 I started Sprout Pediatrics to better fit my practice style, pace and goals, and refocus on the joy and connection of practicing pediatrics. 

My most important title is Mom, as my patients will all understand.

I am a mom, gardener, cook, pet snuggler, science geek, nature enthusiast, art appreciator, music lover and over-committed improver of things. I live with my wonderful husband and amazing son, and a beautiful and very funny little orange cat. Its a very hard decision, but blueberries are my favorite food.


Lilay onishchenko, BA

Medical Assistant, Creative Accomplice and Multi-talented Quick Study

I am privileged to have Lilay (“Lily”) by my side. Literally. It’s a very small office. You will hear her voice and see her face when you contact us during business hours. Her patience and kindness, especially with anxious kiddos, are extraordinary. She deftly divides her time between clinical patient care and running the office.

When she’s not giving Sprout families personal attention she spends time with her large, close family. She is particularly devoted to her small nephews, and appreciates good food and Oregon’s beauty.

Photo of the real Lilay coming soon.

Photo of the real Lilay coming soon.

Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don’t interfere as long as the policy you’ve decided upon is being carried out.
— Ronald Reagan
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How Sprout Works


Because we're different it's important you know how Sprout Pediatrics works. We want to ensure that we are a good fit for you and your family, so please review our policies and procedures. I encourage you to attend one of our open houses or workshops to learn more, and feel free to ask us any questions (see eventscontact us). 

  • I am open minded, minimalist, have great respect for natural processes, and firmly believe in science. I understand that parenting is hard, and I am committed to helping parents understand evidence, find answers and make their own best decisions.

  • I do prescribe antibiotics but not without evaluation or when they are not indicated. Many, if not most, childhood infections are viral and do not benefit from or require antibiotics. Antibiotic stewardship is critical for your child, the population and the environment. I carefully evaluate medicines & treatments of all kinds for safety and effectiveness before making recommendations, and will provide many comfort care suggestions.

  • I work hard to support breast-feeding. However my priority will always be the health of your child. This may include supplementing with formula if needed for growth concerns.

  • I have special interests in environmental, alternative and complementary medicine but I am a Medical Doctor. I am committed to treating the whole child, integrating medical care with educational, social, and emotional health in the context of her or his family and culture.

  • The art and science of prevention is fundamental to pediatrics. Pediatricians aim to support children’s growth and development to give them lasting health and wellbeing. Our best tools are well child care, including screening and immunizations, and ongoing care of chronic & intermittent illnesses. Patients interested only in sick and urgent care will find other resources more suitable.

  • I follow the American Academy of Pediatrics and ACIP recommended vaccine schedule. I am well trained to evaluate research, and the vast amount of data on vaccine preventable diseases and vaccination is unequivocal. I am happy to discuss vaccination and help families get or get back on schedule, and I do not accommodate alternate vaccine schedules.

  • Advice is easily accessible at all times. I am usually available for urgent questions and appointments. If I am out of cell phone range patients can reach my backup provider directly for advice about urgent matters. Online appointment booking, refill requests and other communication will be available as usual. I will notify patients in advance if I'm unavailable for longer than two days, and my schedule will be arranged to meet patient needs ahead of time and maximize appointment availability when I return.

  • I make every effort to have appointments available on short notice and after hours. Please contact us first if you need urgent care as we can treat most minor emergencies (lacerations, cuts, mild fractures, sprains) in the office. For life-threatening emergencies, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency department.

  • Keeping appointments open for short notice and scheduling appointments that are two to four times longer than at most doctors’ offices significantly increases the repercussions of missed appointments. Please be aware that missed appointments without cancellation in advance jeopardize this appointment structure and access.

  • In order to provide personalized, thorough care efficiently Sprout makes considerable use of technology. I insist that all patients use the online portal, and use of the portal, website, email and text messages is our primary method of communication & scheduling. I have great confidence in the security and reliability of my service contractors and have chosen carefully for features and ease of use. I am happy to assist anyone who needs extra help setting up or using accounts; please ask.

  • While virtual communication is convenient, there are times when a visit or phone call is necessary. Don’t hesitate to ask. Please follow your instincts about communication and trust mine as well, as email is not equal to face-to-face discussion and examination.

  • To best use our time together I strongly encourage you to use the online portal and website to complete forms, surveys, and screening questionnaires in advance of appointments.

  • Being small will allow me to provide extraordinary care but will also require cooperation from all Sprout families. Messages are preferred for all non-urgent matters, and do-it-yourself online scheduling, payments and record access will help me be fully present for everyone in the office by preventing excessive interruptions to answer the phone.

  • I believe care coordination is central to high quality primary care. Communicating directly with specialists and other referral providers keeps me in the conversation and gives me additional information and insight into your child’s care outside of Sprout.

  • Especially in pediatrics, administrative services (such as coordination of referrals, handling refills outside of office visits, after hours calls, phone consultation with specialists & schools, obtaining medical records, managing the patient portal and filling out school, work and other forms) consume a remarkable amount time. Most physicians are forced to hire additional staff for these tasks, which increases overhead, in turn requiring the physician to see more patients to generate revenue to cover costs. To avoid the cycle caused by the current healthcare system we rely on advanced portal and communication programs to free us from the need to add staff.

  • To make this style of practice sustainable, we charge a fee to cover our costs for these systems. Our communication and portals fee $12/month for one child, and each additional child is $6/month. Annual payments are available at a discount.

  • The most cost-efficient care is the right care at the right time. I work to balance the highest level of medical care and service with its cost. We will discuss cost openly when I believe it is important in decision-making & whenever you have concerns. The current healthcare payment system drives physicians towards faster visits, more staff to handle specific incentives and qualifications, and further separates patients and their physicians. I prefer to take your calls & emails and make plans without being driven by reimbursement. Reduced need for additional staff due to our portals & messaging systems enables me work with you directly and have the luxury to recommend you ‘try this first’ and often skip an inefficient, premature or unnecessary office visit.

  • Before your second appointment we will help you sign you up for the portal, create a website password, complete the remainder of the registration process and set up payment accounts. At that visit we will do a brief orientation to the office.

I look forward to providing your children with individualized, comprehensive healthcare and your family with unsurpassed access to your pediatrician and our lending library, classes, and extraordinary office.

Children are born with all the curiosity they will ever need. It will last a lifetime if they are fed upon a daily diet of ideas.
— Charlotte Mason